Paint With Darla is now Darla Donley Art.


Please go to the Gallery to see a few samples of my portrait paintings. If you are interested in having a portrait painting done on commission, please email me and include a nice crisp and clear photo of the subject you want painted. We will then discuss details. My email is

Classes are GUARANTEED.  If you are not happy at the end of the class, the instructor will keep your painting. You will receive your refund via PayPal by the following Monday.  If you miss a class, no refund will be given.

Please read and print the download files.   Since Darla is a MazArt Associate Painting Partner, she shares information to help students understand what they need to do and what is expected.  Please read the downloadable files.  The palette is for those people that want to paint at home. A palette will be provided in class. 


Download the documents in the download section above It is imperative that you read the document mentioned BEFORE you reserve your seat. This class is for people that truly want to learn the portrait technique. It is a 3-day class.  We use a photo reference to paint the animal.  This is for a head/shoulders photo only - no partial bodies.  Canvas size should be 14x18. 

1st Day - The first day is the burnt umber underpainting stage. Students will learn why the underpainting is critical to the success of the painting. 

2nd Day - The second day is the color blocking stage. Following the reference photo, students are taught how to block in color using a variety of brushes. 

3rd Day - This is the day that we add the final details to the animal.  This is the day that the animal will really come to life.

PET P0RTRAIT COST: The cost is $270 with students bringing their supplies listed on the portrait download document above. If the student wants the instructor to supply everything, the cost is $340. 

PEOPLE PORTRAIT COST: The cost is $360 with students bringing their supplies and $430 if the instructor supplies everything.  

For People - the 3rd and 4th Day is spent making any adjustments as the color does soak into the canvas. Then details can start to be made.  

Example of PET Portrait class

Day 1 - Underpainting


Students will learn  how to understanding shading and the value scale. We only use Burnt Umber oil paint with lean medium. 

Day 2 - Blocking In Color


Students will be blocking in color on their animal. This is  NOT the final details. Color is added where it belongs. Students will continue learning how to mix colors and more about shadows and the value scale.

Day 3 - Finish Details


This is the final day and my favorite day. Adding the final details is what bring the animal to life.